First of all I would like to say having a doula was never apart of my vision when we planned our second child, nor was it anything I considered for my birth with our daughter. Primarily because I was uneducated on the topic and how it can be incorporated into the birth you pictured for yourself and your baby. Meeting Erin in my third trimester was a a complete fluke, but one that I believe was meant to be. It was a great relief and also added excitement, specifically because I had quickly learnt my husband would not be making it home in time for the birth of our son. I was in a panic planning for a support team that would fit into my birth plan and make this pregnancy continue to run smoothly. Being the type of person I am I had a very specific idea of how I wanted my birth to pan out, in saying that I was also aware that things happen and some times you need to go with the flow. In our first meeting Erin had amazing questions and ideas for me to think about for my babies birthday. I was so pleasantly surprised how much comfort I felt after just a short meeting knowing that Erin was such a kind and calm person, I felt lucky to have her on my team. One of the things I felt most assured by was the birth intervention fears that I had were quickly calmed by options and suggestions laid out by Erin. The birth plan that I had thought up was mine and special to me, I was so happy to have nothing but encouragement for the things that I wanted and the ideas that I had. Along with the encouragement Erin also shared suggestions of way to cope with, enjoy and treasure the day baby decided to come. When that day came it was a mix of emotions, I had Erin by my side as well as a close friend. Going with the plan we had shared with each other we met when I was completely ready and feeling confident baby was close to joining us. Erin came prepared with so much more than just the basic knowledge of birth, she came with joy for me that this was MY DAY, an open mind to what the day was going to look like and most of all loads for support. During active labour my mind was foggy however I remember being very thankful to have someone to centre my focus on the positive, bring my mind back to the purpose of the work I was enduring, and remind me I was capable of brining my baby into this world. Being apart of such a personal moment in my life and only knowing her for such a short period of time Erin made me feel like I mattered to her and she was completely there for my delivery. – Nicole & Baby Jack