DSC_7255 About Erin    

Hi my name is Erin and my story starts with a somewhat traumatizing experience. I wish I could say that I was propelled into my calling by a beautiful life changing situation, this was not the case for me. I wanted a natural birth experience, I felt well versed on a number of subjects pertaining to natural birth methods. When the time came for a particular intervention that I had not heard of, I did not research it, and in that moment agreed. The next thing I knew I was at the hospital being induced, which spiraled into a medicated birth that left me shocked and feeling rather confused.  From that moment I knew that there had to be something better. After some research I heard about the wonderful role of a doula and knew that this was what I wanted to do. I want to provide a genuine and comprehensive experience that leaves a women feeling loved and cared for, as each of us should,when we are bring a human being into the world.

When I am not being a doula I can be found outdoors with my family, snuggling up with a book, or obsessing over Harry Potter and Star Wars.